Simply Brewing™ Homebrew Kits

Brew Great Beer At Home Simply

Brew beer that you'll enjoy drinking and be proud to share.

Gnome Brew's Simply Brewing™ Equipment and Recipe Kits are straightforward enough for a first-time brewer but engaging enough for intermediate brewers. Choose from a large selection of recipes or create your own. We're always here to help you find a recipe you'll like or build your own.

The Simply Brewing™ system eliminates unnecessary steps and equipment in traditional homebrew kits that do nothing to help your beer. For example, the spigoted fermenter eliminates the need to siphon beer into a second vessel which can oxidize your beer, increases the chance of contamination, and creates more equipment to clean.

To Get Started You'll Need:

  • Simply Brewing™ 1 Hour Equipment Kit

  • The equipment kit has all the resuable items you'll need to brew and ferment any 1 Hour Recipe Kit

  • Simply Brewing™ 1 Hour Recipe Kit

  • Recipe Kits contain the ingredients you need to brew 2.5 gallons of beer—malt, hops & yeast—as well as PBW for cleaning and carbonation tabs for cabonating your beer in bottles.

  • Brew Pot

  • You'll need a pot large enough to boil 6 quarts of water. An 8 quart pot is the minimum & something a bit larger pot will make brewing a little easier.

  • Bottles or Simply Brewing™ Bottling Kit

  • Our prefered method of bottling is using EZ-Cap bottles. They're very sturdy bottles, will last forever and there's no need ever by bottle caps or a capper. You will need about 20 bottles—2 cases of 12 of the 16 oz bottles.

    Alternatively, you can use standard 12 oz beer bottles and cap them with a wing capper and crown caps. Our Bottling Kit comes with a wing capper, a case of 12 oz bottles—enough for 2.5 gallons of beer—and enough crown caps for a few batches.

Simply Brewing™

1 Hour Equipment Kit

Our most popular homebrew starter kit, the 1 Hour Equipment Kit contains all the equipment you'll need to brew 1 Hour Recipe Kits except a pot.

If you have a pot that can boil 6 quarts, you're set. Otherwise, we recommend you purchase our 5 Gallon Stainless Steel Brew Kettle.

Less Space

Ferment a case of beer with less than a square foot of counter space. Storage is easy, too, since there's no excess bulky equipment.

Less Time

With Gnome Brew's unique brewing process, your brew day only lasts 1 hour!

Less Cleaning

Because The 1 Hour Equipment Kit contains everything you need and nothing you don't, there's no cleaning extra hard to clean parts.

The Simply Brewing ™ 1 Hour Equipment Kit Includes:
  • 3 Gallon FerMonster
  • Bottling Spigot (installed)
  • Lid with O-Ring
  • Bung
  • 3-Piece Airlock
  • 18" Spoon
  • Thermometer
  • StarSan No-Rinse Sanitizer, 4 oz
  • FermCap Anti-Foam Agent, 15 g

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Simply Brewing™

1 Hour Recipe Kits

It only takes an hour to brew beer that you'll enjoy drinking and be proud to share. After you brew, let the yeast ferment out your beer for two week, bottle, and let it carbonate in the bottle for two more weeks.

Each 1 Hour Recipe Kit includes all the ingredients you need to brew a 2 ½ gallon batch of beer—about 24 standard 12 ounce beer bottles.

Along with malt extract, specialty malts and hops, our kits come with yeast, bottle carbonation tabs and PBW for cleaning before and after each batch.

Each kit has straighforward step-by-step instructions specific to each recipe.

1 Hour Recipe Kits work best with our 1 Hour Equipment Kit but can work with other equipment setups as well.

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Simply Brewing™

1 Hour Bottling Kit

Everything You Need For Bottling 1 Hour Recipes

  • 12 oz Bottles, Case of 24
  • 144 Oxygen Absorbing Crown Caps
  • Wing Capper

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Brew Pot

20 Quart Stainless Steel Kettle

Plenty of volume for brewing 2.5 gallon 1 Hour Recipe Kits or 5 gallon 3 Hour Recipe Kits.

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