3rd Annual Cider Day

October 23rd 2 PM - 6 PM

Join Us Saturday Day To Celebrate Apple Cider

Everyone is welcome to join us for a family-friendly day of celebration of apple cider. We'll be celebrating with:

Fresh Mulled Apple Cider

Orchard Fresh Apple Cider Donuts and Apples

Hard Cider Samples From Past Years

Cider Share (bottle share for ciders)


The 2021 Cider Buy Is Closed

Once again, Gnome Brew is getting a whole load of fresh pressed organic apple cider from a farm in Michigan. Join us for our favorite Fall tradition and brew some hard cider from the best source you'll find and get some extra to drink fresh!

This cider is:

  • Fresh pressed at the orchard
  • Organic
  • Unpasteurized with no preservatives
  • An award winning blend of cider apples
  • Perfect for making hard cider or drinking fresh

Brewing cider is easy, even for those with no experience.

How To Brew Hard Apple Cider

2021 Cider Buy Special Release Simply Brewing Kits

We've made it even easier to particiape in our Cider Buy with our Cider Buy Special Release Kit. Using our Simply Brewing™ 1 Hour Equipment kit, this recipe kit provides detailed directions for making hard cider with our fresh cider.

Prepare your fermenter and drop it off at Gnome Brew by October 22nd and we'll fill it on Cider Day, October 23rd with fresh pressed organic cider straight from the orchard. The kit's instructions will help you the rest of the way.

2021 Cider Buy Special Release 1 Hour 2.5 Gallon Recipe Kit

2021 Cider Buy Special Release 3 Hour 5 Gallon Recipe Kit

Bulk Cider Rates

1-4 gallons — $7.99/gallon

5-9 gallons — $6.79/gallon

10+ gallons — $6.29/gallon

Pickup Is October 23rd And May Begin at 2 PM Depending On Orchard Conditions

  • Cider is pre-order only. Quantities are limited.
  • Pickup date and time is subject to change based on conditions at the orchard.
  • You must pre-order a container or provide your own container.
  • Self-provided containers must be dropped off to Gnome Brew by October 22nd
  • Please call 773.961.7750 or email gnomes@gnomebrewshop.com with any questions

Special Offers on Carboys and Yeast

Available For A Limited Time

Pre-Order Only With Cider Purchase

In order to help you take advantage of our bulk cider buy, we're offering special pricing on all yeast and carboys that will be available to pick up with your cider.

Special offer items are for pre-order only with cider purchase and will be available to pick up with the cider.

Pre-Order Deadlines


Buckets - Saturday October 9th

Fermonsters & Glass Carboys - Saturday October 16th

Fermenter Pre-Orders Are Closed


Dry Yeast - Saturday October 9th

White Labs - Saturday October 16th

Omega - Monday October 18th

Choosing Yeast For Your Cider

Yeast Pre-Orders Are Closed

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