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December 2020

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Our monthly bottle share continues online.

We want to know what you're tweaking, perfecting, or struggling with. Have you started your holiday brews? What did you drink on Halloween while dropping candy into your chutes?

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New Releases From Omega

Omega took two classic yeast strains, Hefeweizen (OYL-021 - Hefeweizen 1) and the Belgian Achoufe strain (OYL-024 - Belgian Ale A), and, using a gene editing technique, they inactivated the genes responsible for creating phenolics leaving only the ester producing genes active.

The full story on the development of these yeasts is fascinating. You can read more about Omega's POF- project.

OYL-400 — Bananza

Bananza’s ripe banana flavor boosts tropical character in beer. Bananza is great for dropping more banana notes into your pastry stouts, milkshake IPAs, fruited sours and other modern tropical fruit-driven styles.

OYL-401 — Sundew

Sundew has luscious strawberry, passion fruit and stone fruit esters, which combine to support desirable notes in modern fruity hops. Sundew sets a great foundation for hoppy styles like juicy pale ales, west coast IPAs or hazy IPAs, or its jammy profile can be paired with more malt forward stouts, milds and brown ales. Think versatile like West Coast Ale I (OYL-004), but jammier.

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New Malts In Stock

Simpsons Black Malt

Simpsons Black Malt: a classic English black patent malt, this is the darkest malt we have. Black Malt is excellent for darkening beer colour without imparting too much astringency or roast characteristics. The flavor is surprisingly neutral, with a clean dryness that makes it an incredibly versatile product.

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