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July 2020

Virtual Bottle Share, New Yeast From Omega, Online Store Updates

Thank You For Your Support And Patience

We miss having you all in the shop, but that time is not now

Despite the recent decrease in COVID-19 cases locally, the virus is still in our community. One thing that seems clear about the virus is that it spreads very easily indoors.

To keep you safe, to keep us safe, and to help stop the spread in our community, we are continuing to operate by pickup and delivery only.

We're always here by phone and email to answer any questions or to help you find a product. We're also working on improving our online shopping experience.

Gnome Brew was founded to be a place of community and hospitality. I'm so pleased that we were able to spend our first year hosting bottle shares, classes, special events, and, perhaps most of all, just hanging out in the shop talking. I'm happy that I had the chance to get to know so many of you so that now, when we only talk on the phone or through the door, I know what your face looks like without a mask on and that I got to know you in a way that we just can't do now.

I greatly appreciate everyone's support and patience throughout the past nearly four months. Thanks for shopping with us and supporting us when we can't give back the hospitality and provide the community that we had been able to in the past.

We look forward to the time when we can all take off our masks, get a large group inside, share beers and relax and enjoy each others' company. But that time is not now. And it may very well not be for months. But it will come again. And we'll be here with our door open to welcome you in to share a homebrew and ask you what you've been up to.



New at Gnome Brew

Virtual Bottle Share on July 16th

Gnome Brew just isn't the same without seeing you all! It's been too long, so we're going on Zoom.

We're eager to find out what everyone has been brewing, drinking, and where you've been finding toilet paper to buy.

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New Releases From Omega

OYL-017 — Lutra

Isolated from the Hornindal Kveik culture, Lutra is shockingly clean with unrivaled speed when pitched at 90°F (32°C). The strain is perfect for brewing a refreshing pseudo-lager without temperature control or waiting for a slow ferment. Perfect for summer brewing!

OYL-090 — Espe Kveik

Sourced from the village of Grodås in Norway, Espe offers the unique profile of lychee, pear, and tropical fruit cup. The strain bolsters the sweet aromatics of modern IPAs. Espe is most expressive when fermented at 90°F+, but is still fruity at lower temperatures.

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Online Store Updates

Build One Or More Recipes In A Single Order

Recipes Are Milled And Packaged Together

You can opt for your grains to not be milled

Look for an expanded store with more features throught the summer and fall

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