The Brew Log

June 2020 Update

We Continue To Be Open For Pickup And Delivery Only

Although the city is allowing limited opening of retail businesses, for the safety of our customers and ourselves, and given the ongoing restrictions, particularly regarding self-service, we have decided to continue to keep the shop closed for walk-in business.

Deliveries will continue Tuesdays and Fridays, and pickup is available during normal business hours, Tuesday through Friday 11 - 7 PM, Saturday 11 - 6 PM, and Sunday 11 - 5 PM.

Recipe Builder Updates:

Gift Certificates

You can now use a gift certificate to pay for your online orders. Additionally, you can purchase a gift certificate online at

More Features On The Way

We're close to updating the online store to allow you to place multiple recipes on one order.

Additionally, we're working to add more of our inventory available online throughout the summer.

We Appreciate Your Feedback

If you have any issues using the online store, or have any suggestions or requests, let us know in an email

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