The Brew Log - March 14, 2019

Thanks for 2 Great Weeks

It's been a fantasitc two weeks here at Gnome Brew. The memories of all the fun we had at our Grand Opening are still fresh, but we've been having a great time seeing many people back in the store along with a lot new people we've been meeting. At Gnome Brew we love beer, but it's hanging out and talking with homebrewers and craft beer fans that we love most. We want Gnome Brew to be everyone's home for homebrew. Come in anytime, grab a beer sample, and let us know what you're working on.

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New at Gnome Brew

Gnome Brew Brewing Basics In-Stock Guarantee

Gnome Brew Brewing Basics are common malts, hops and yeast that are foundational to the most popular beer styles, and you can always be sure we'll be in stock. It's guaranteed. We currently include 11 Malts, 2 Malt Extracts, 6 hops and 3 yeasts in the program.

We'll be looking to add a lot more over time, so keep your eye out for announcements here and on the website.

You must bring in a recipe using brewing basics ingredients to qualify for the guarantee. Check out Brewing Basics page for details.

Gnome Brew Brewing Basics

Brewing Classes at Gnome Brew

Education is core to our mission at Gnome Brew. While we love talking to experienced homebrewers about all sorts of topics, our favorite thing is getting new homebrewers started in this amazing hobby. Our first class is for beginners, but look out for classes and events for more experienced brewers down the road.

Introducing Our First Class:

Brewing Beer in 1 Hour

This class is great for you or someone you know who is interested in learning more about beer and homebrew, but may not be ready to commit to too much time or equipment. During this two hour class particpants will help brew a batch of beer, learn about beer ingredients and styles, and sample homebrewed beers.

Our first class will be Saturday March 30th at Noon. Cost is $30 and participants come pick up beer they brewed in class when it's ready to drink.

More details available at Gnome Brew Classes

What's Ahead

We have a lot of plans for making Gnome Brew the best homebrew store and your home for homebrew. Here's a few things in the works:

We'll be announcing everything here on this newsletter as well as on Instagram or Facebook

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